Possible dog control- April 2021

CMC, together with the Parish Council, are considering the possibility of introducing a “dogs on leads” policy on Church Mead. For further details, please see the relevant page Dogs on The Mead

Church Mead Management Committee Update January 2021
100+ Club
A big thank you to everyone who has joined the 100+ Club. We greatly appreciate your support.
Newly seeded area
The recently levelled and re-seeded area of Church Mead will remain fenced off to allow the ground to dry and for a final stage of work to be undertaken sometime in the spring.
Update on dog fouling
The situation is routinely monitored. Notices were put at all entrances last autumn but unfortunately dog faeces are still too frequently being found in the grass and around the edges of
Church Mead.
We are aware that the bins have been filling more quickly because of increased use during the lockdown periods.
We are therefore purchasing an additional bin for dog waste bags and continue to pay for all the bins to be regularly emptied by a licensed contractor.
Should these bins ever be full, it would be helpful if dog waste bags are not left on the ground or placed in the bins that are designated for general waste. We must ensure that Church Mead is a safe and clean place for everyone.
Some neighbouring villages have decided not to allow dogs on their recreation grounds, whether on or off a lead. We very much hope that, if everyone is vigilant and careful, we can avoid this
having to be the regrettable case in Norton St.Philip.
Looking Ahead
Our village Bonfire Evening is planned for Saturday 6th November. Hopefully by then restrictions will not be in place and we can all enjoy a much needed get together.
We are considering planting some additional trees and bushes during the year.
In the meantime we hope Church Mead will soon be enhanced by the daffodils which were planted last October.

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