The Pavilion

The Pavilion was refurbished in 2019 and is available for hire to parish residents for events, meetings, childrens parties etc. It has a fully equipped kitchen, 2 loos and heating. Electricity is supplied by a £1/£2 slot meter.

Pavilion bookings : through Andy Parnell or call George Hitchins on 07850 369456


When the NSP cricket club was first formed, a local farmer donated a shepherds hut that became the changing room. That was replaced in the late 1970’s by a redundant timber building donated by Hinton Poultry (later Faccenda). Water, electicity and drainage were connected. The building served the village well, being used by the pre school playgroup as well as the cricket club.

In 2001 a fire completely destroyed the building.

Fortunately it was well insured and with the aid of a large team of village volunteers, led by Merv Holborn and assisted by members of the Cricket Club, a replacement building was erected in 2003.

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